CONECT-6: Rapidly Identifying Adults with Chronic Conditions and Complex Health Needs


  • Quebec Research Fund – Health (FRQS)
  • Quebec Learning Health System SUPPORT Unit

Early intervention with persons at risk of heavy emergency department use helps to provide services that are more tailored to their needs, such as case management.

The objective of the study was to develop and validate a short self-administered screening tool to rapidly identify adults with chronic diseases and complex health needs.

The study led to the development of CONECT-6, a tool of six dichotomous questions with “yes” or “no” answer choices. Named CONECT-6 (COmplex NEeds Case-finding Tool – 6), the tool assesses the following variables:

  • perceived poor health;
  • limitations due to pain;
  • unmet needs;
  • perceived high complexity;
  • Low income;
  • weak social support.

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