André Gaudreau has been a patient partner with the V1SAGES team since November 2019. He is a patient partner co-facilitator for the Diabetes Action Canada (DAC) training and mentoring program.  He is actively involved in a variety of research projects on patient engagement and diabetes, including liaison for the French-language SPOR patient board, patient partner for the Diabetes, Obesity and Cardiovascular Complications Center of the Sherbrooke University Hospital Center, patient partner for the Réseau-1 Québec, patient partner for the ComPaRe research in France on diabetes, and life coach with the Ligue du rein in France for people on dialysis. André hopes to use his experience to help researchers better understand the realities of daily life with diabetes. He also hopes to help improve the quality of life for all people with diabetes. André is the author of the book “Le diabète: Un nouveau mode de vie à découvrir” written and published in 2009 in collaboration with people with diabetes from France and Belgium.