Catherine Hudon and Maud-Christine Chouinard developed the V1SAGES approach with their research team and partners. Supported by the Ministère de la santé et des services sociaux and the Unité soutien SSA Québec, this approach is intended for decision-makers, managers, clinicians, and research teams in the health and social services system and in primary care who want to improve both the care of people with complex needs who frequently use health services and the efficiency of the health system.


Web-based training modules, standards of care and clinical tools that are evidence-based and on the cutting edge of the latest case management and care navigation practices, and change management support from the Centre d’Expertise en Santé de Sherbrooke.


To improve the coordination and personalization of the complex care trajectory of people who frequently use health services, improve their experience of care and their health, improve the teamwork among care providers, and improve the efficiency of the health and social services system.

To learn more about the V1SAGES approach

Write to Catherine.Hudon@Usherbrooke.ca or Maud.Christine.Chouinard@Umontreal.ca